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The world is flooded. Civilisation is lost under the sea. The Mariner sails his trimoran over the seas, drinking his own Urine and visits a floating atoll of "Drifters". When they find the Mariner to be a mutant they sentence him to death. Meanwhile, a girl with supposedly a map to get to dry land tattoo-ed on her back, is the objective for an attack by a gang of smokers who attack the atoll.
The polar ice caps have melted, and the earth is covered by water. The remaining people travel the seas, in search of survival. Several different societies exist. The Mariner falls from his customary and solitary existence into having to care for a woman and a young girl while being pursued by the evil forces of the Deacon.
That bloke who wanted to swap Miss J.Tripplehorn for a bit of crumpled paper,did he have a some front or what?And an Irish accent.How? If Ireland had sunk below the waves a hundred years earlier;unless of course the Ould Country got a Papal Dispensation?And what of Himself?Did he perish or is there a Vatican boat cruising the waters for eternity looking for people to repress?I think Mr K. Costner should tell us.After all,in "Waterworld" he tells us Oil is Bad,Big Business is Bad, Tobacco is Bad,Global Warming is Bad.Plainly if he wants our opinion he will give it to us.Presumably he lives in a non - carboniferous paper house,goes everywhere by bike and recycles all his waste matter whilst watching the forest of windmills on his golf course turning merrily.Or maybe not. He certainly is the man for pointing out the readily apparent and getting rich out of the proceeds."Dances with wolves" was a case in point."Waterworld" is another. The former was at least based on historical fact,even though it was hardly an even - handed account.The latter blatantly disregards the laws of physics,science and evolution.Charles Darwin would choke on his Darjeeling if he were told of our Kev's cute and convenient addendum to his Theory. None of this would matter much if Kev and the movie didn't take themselves so seriously.I'm surprised Mr D.Hopper was allowed to get away with stealing the show and suborning its high moral tone.Perhaps Kev never learned the lesson taught him by Mr A.Rickman whose similar anarchic turn saved "Robin Hood - Prince of thieves"from disappearing up its own sanctimonious quiver. Mr Hopper,displaying surely the most gratuitously white set of teeth on all the seven seas,(er,sorry - one sea now,isn't it)fortunately decides his part has no need of subtle gradations,and he alone is responsible for the one star I have awarded it. Without him,"Waterworld" would be so dull,self - righteous and preachy that Mr R.Attenborough would have been proud to have made it.
This is one of those films that are difficult to judge for a variety of reasons. At the time, Costner could really do no wrong - he had made some great (JFK, Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves) and some extremely popular (Robin Hood, The Bodyguard) movies and was on something of a role. However, Waterworld cost over $200 million, and took ages to complete. And therein lies the problem - people&#39;s expectation.<br/><br/>If you didn&#39;t know how much this cost, and provided you haven&#39;t seen Mad Max 2(Road Warrior), then this is probably a visually spectacular film that is fairly enjoyable. However, there are those people who can&#39;t see past the movies budget problems, and so take the opportunity to ridicule everybody involved with the film, when it really wasn&#39;t as bad as the critics made out - and actually made a fair bit of money world-wide.<br/><br/>I managed to overlook the budget, but what I couldn&#39;t forgive was how much similar to Mad Max 2 this movie was - too similar I felt. Which is why for me, it really wasn&#39;t that enjoyable. I suggest that you watch this movie first, then go and seek out Mad Max 2 - you&#39;ll probably find that MM2 has more tension and better direction, unlike Waterworld, which only manages to contain a great opening battle and that&#39;s about it.<br/><br/>4/10.
A decent futuristic action picture with some great sets, some intriguing ideas, and a few images that will stay with me.
The movie was heavily cut for the Theatrical Version. Several years later, the American network ABC aired a reconstructed Extended Version that ran more than 43 minutes longer than the original theatrical version, featuring scenes that were cut prior to the movie&#39;s theatrical release. Later on this version was released on DVD as well. In short… no.<br/><br/>Much of the melting would make no difference at all to sea levels. This is because a lot of the ice in the arctic and antarctic is sea ice (ice floats and the icebergs are floating on water). Most of this is already below the waterline - and the only reason a small percentage of an iceberg sticks out of the water is that ice is a bit less dense than water. As it melted the berg would submerge completely, but the ice would also shrink by the same amount as it turned back into water. So the overall effect on the oceans would be zero, or at least very close to it.<br/><br/>What would matter is the ice that is on land melting and that extra water running into the oceans. We don&#39;t have a perfect number for how much of this ice there is, but we do know it is reasonably close, and if all the ice on land melted it would raise sea levels by around 400 feet.<br/><br/>Given that most of the world&#39;s population lives within 400 feet of sea level this would certainly be a global catastrophe of unprecedented scale. But it would cover only a small fraction of the total surface. It is shown in a deleted scene that the Dry land they find at the end of the film is the top thousand feet or so of Mount Everest, which would indeed be the last place to flood if the ocean could rise that far. But in reality, a 400 foot sea level rise would leave the world with almost as much dry land as it has today, in percentage terms.<br/><br/>To give an example of how far the movie is from reality, consider that it shows the Mariner diving thousands of feet down to explore the sunken city of Denver. In reality a 400 foot sea level rise would leave Denver still almost a mile above sea level, and more than 1,000 miles inland from the coast.
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